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As a new manager, do you make use of these three tips?

As a new manager, do you make use of these three tips? 

New role brings in new responsibilities. Leading a team is vastly different from working on code or fixing a defect.   It means unlearning a few things and acquiring various fresh skills.  

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The easiest way to manage a team is to never forget your experiences as a team member!

Imagine you go to your office like every day and your manager talks good things about you in the office. You immediately get refreshed.  Continue reading..


Primary and most important purpose of the resume is to get a call for the interview. Most interviewers do not have a lot of time to go through the resumes, so they skim through it or search for keywords of their immediate interest. Continue reading..

Interview tips 

Once you have your resume ready with you, you need to prepare for the interview. Based on the role applied for, the interviewer has different expectations from you.

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IT outsourcing space is crowded with a number of vendors. It is hard to differentiate between the vendors, because they have similar offerings and similar rate structure.

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Can you imagine yourself presenting in front of a packed conference room and the room comes alive with applause at your splendid presentation? Your seemingly over-stretched imagination can be turned into reality with the help of a few simple do’s and donot’s.

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When something is broken, customer

contacts you. Customer expects quick resolution to her problem.

First response to the issue may be just an acknowledgement. Still better way is to  redirect the customer to FAQs and user forums.

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