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10 ways to make Yawn-free presentations

Yawn-free presentations

Can you imagine yourself presenting in front of a packed conference room and the room comes alive with applause at your splendid presentation? Your seemingly over-stretched imagination can be turned into reality with the help of a few simple do’s and donot’s.

All over the world, people get thoroughly bored by the information overload. What is going wrong? Why do people start checking mails when the presenter opens his third or fourth slide?

Here are some techniques using which you can make yawn-free presentations.

This is a list of resources on the Internet that will make it happen.

1: Death by Powerpoint: This slide deck is by Alexei Kapterev. It contains 61 slides. Do not worry. It takes only 3 to 4 minutes to go through. 

What is the takeaway? Slide decks should have a story that is to be conveyed. This story should be presented with passion. The Story should have a logical structure. Visual content is more important than ‘busy’ slides.

See one of the slides from this presentation:

Alexei Kaptarev

2. Brain rules for presenters: It has answers to questions like why we get bored while sitting through presentations. Dr John Medina did his research on the functioning of the brain. His findings are explained by Garr Reynolds in this slide deck.


Dr Medina tells us that

- ‘after 10 minutes, attention of the audience drops.’

- Message from picture is remembered better than what is conveyed through the text.

(This deck has 131 slides, but you will enjoy watching it.)

Dr Medina 

3. Presenting to senior executives is tricky due to high profile audience. Bruce Gabrielle of explains what to expect in such a meeting. He has a number of good tips to ensure that your presentation is received well.

 Presenting to top executives 

Nancy Duarte has written an article on‘How to present to senior executives’. This article describes as to how to create summary and detailed slides and use them when required.

4. Slides that rock: Tomas Bay of shares a ‘How-to guide’for designing slides. Here is the slideshare story:

Slides that rock 

5. You suck at Powerpoint’ is an Entertaining and educative presentation.It talks about the mistakes to avoid and things to do. For example, how to select the fonts to use and how to choose pictures for slides.


6. Let us have a look at an example of a good slide deck. This slide deck has clear purpose, a good story and call to action.


7. Nancy Duarte talks about “The secret structure of great talks. In this video, she analyzed the talks by Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs. This talk is about how to tell a story which is an integral part of any presentation.


8. Nancy Duarte has shared her thoughts on visual structure of slides in her article.
She talks about the importance of whitespace and contrast in the slides.

9. You may have seen a slide deck on ills of smoking.

Principles of vision and one message per slide are strictly used in this slide deck. If every slide deck looks like this, we can change the world!


10. Let us see this example involving an animation like effect. This slide deck uses bold colors and fonts that otherwise are not seen in presentations in conference rooms. It is a sure way to make Yawn free presentations




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