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About Pramod Paranjape

Pramod helped build careers of many software engineers when he started an offshore engagement from scratch and built it into a 200 plus strong team. Well, it was a great team effort! Later on he led 600 people strong offshore delivery team spread over four locations in India - Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

From developing his own product on personal portfolio management to conducting training in software engineering, Pramod has played various roles in his 25 year career. During these years, he interacted with clients from North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle Eastern countries.

As a contribution to professional fraternity, he conducted activities of Software Process Improvement Network in the past. Currently, he lives in Pune and shares his experiences on delivery management in IT outsourcing companies on ConverSight, Quora and other sites. 

About ConverSight

ConverSight is about conversations and insights. Managing delivery in IT outsourcing companies has its own challenges. There have been transitions from pure on-site staffing engagements and fixed price contracts to shared risk engagements.

While these changes happened on the demand side, a large number of engineers got inducted into IT outsourcing companies creating a merit based competitive environment on the supply side.

Due to massive changes happening at such a rapid pace, there is no way that text books can catch up to create a theoretical base. Sharing experiences and learning from each other is the best way to adopt.

ConverSight aims to provide a platform to outsourcing managers and people engaged in  IT outsourcing companies to become successful in their careers.

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